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Mystical Path of Zoroastrianism

The teachings of one man influenced Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism, Mahayana Buddhism, Christian and Jewish Gnosticism, Pythagoras, Plato, and the Essenes. And all of us who pursue the mystical path today. Yet, very little is known about him.

His name was Zarathustra and he was the founder of Zoroastrianism. He started a revolution of Light against Darkness that is ongoing today.

Zarathustra was a prophet, a mystic who spoke to his God face to face. Unfortunately most of Zarathustra's writings and the records of his life were lost or destroyed.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet relates the traditions about Zarathustra's mystical experiences with God and the archangels.

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Mystical path of Zoroastrianism with Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Mystical Path of Zoroastrianism Audio:

The Light of Persia: Mystical Experiences with Zarathustra (56 min.)

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