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Mystical Path of Taoism

Every religion's mystical path portrays its ideal of the holy man. In Taoism, he is called "The Perfect Man."

Taoism's Perfect Man is our universal mystic. Taoist texts by the eastern mystics like Lao Tzu describe him as the man who could ascend the loftiest heights without fear, could enter the water and not get wet, and could enter the fire and not get burned.

Perfected people lean on a pillar that is never shaken, travel a road that is never blocked, are endowed from a resource that is never exhausted, and learn from a teacher that never dies.

Whatever they do, they embrace destiny and go along without confusion. Taoism's Perfect Man governs the inside, not the outside.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet invites you to probe what is the Perfect Man and the questions he has answered on the mysteries of the Tao.

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Mystical Taoism with Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Mystical Path of Taoism Audios:

Mysteries of the Tao: Portrait of the Perfect Man:

Part 1 (1hr. 14 min.)
Part 2 (1hr. 14 min.)
Part 3 (22 min.)

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