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Path Of The Christian Mystic

Elizabeth Clare Prophet explores the world of the Christian mystics—those who seek a direct experience of the presence of God. They yearn to know God, to see God, and to be one with God now!

There have always been mystics who have plumbed the depths and scaled the heights of the soul's potential. Christian mystics are psychologists, students of the sole intent of their spiritual quest. Their lives and teachings are a road map that leads scientifically to the summit of being.

Thomas Merton wrote "The spiritual anguish of man has no cure but mysticism." Mysticism is not exclusive to Christianity. It is the vital animating element at the heart of every religion.

Watch the videos and listen to the audios to accelerate your path of Christian mysticism!

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Becoming God

The Path of the Christian Mystic
Includes: Visions and Revelations

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Christian mysticism and spiritual transformation with Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Roots of Christian Mysticism Videos:

The Indwelling Presence of God  58 min

Experiencing God Through Prayer   58 min.

Purgation: Testing, Temptations  56 min.

Fasting and Diet on the Spiritual Path  57 min.

Experiencing God as the Divine Radiance  58 min.

Roots of Christian Mysticism Audios:

Part 1 (1hr. 13 min.)
Part 2 (1hr. 14 min.)
Part 3 (1hr. 15 min.)
Part 4 (1hr. 14 min.)
Part 5 (37 min.)

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