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Mystical Path of Hinduism

Elizabeth Clare Prophet examines the mystical path of Hinduism, a path of Eastern mysticism.

Hinduism is the world's oldest religion and one of the least understood in the West.

Hinduism is the fount from which all the Western and Eastern mystics have drunk whether they knew it or not. It is the oldest source of the idea that latent in each one of us is the Self that is God.

Hinduism gives the first step-by-step instructions on how to realize or become one with God. The inner, mystical path of Hinduism is a well marked one, yet to the casual Western observer it may appear to be lost in a mire of superstition.

Join Elizabeth Clare Prophet in this popular excursion into Eastern mysticism for the Western mind.

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Mystical Path of Hinduism video by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Summit Lighthouse

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Mystical Path of Hinduism Video:

Becoming One with Brahman  57 min.

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The Inner Path of Hinduism:
Mystical Hinduism Part 1 (1hr. 14 min.)
Mystical Hinduism Part 2 (1hr. 14 min.)
Mystical Hinduism Part 3 (1hr. 16 min.)

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